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About The Network

Pure Generators (puregenerators.com) is a blog and Instagram focused on the lived experience of Human Design Generators and Manifesting Generators. 

This network serves as a gathering place for discussion and sharing, as well as the opportunity to join our upcoming courses focused on how Generators and MG's can harness our unique energy and find satisfaction in our work and creative lives. 

Manifestors, Projectors, and Reflectors are welcome, too! This can be a great resource for people who have lots of Generators and MG's in their lives.

Why You Should Join Us

- Connect with others with your energy type and compare experiences 

- Discuss Human Design in a positive, open environment

- Free mini-courses and exclusive content not available via the Pure Generators blog or Instagram

- Join our courses created specifically for Generators and Manifesting Generators

Soul Purpose and Manifestation Readings

I am now offering individual readings for Generators and Manifesting Generators who want to learn more about your soul's uniquely encoded purpose and how they are designed to manifest. Learn more here.

About the Creator

I am a Generator who burned out in my career as a Project Manager/Program Manager. Human Design became indispensable in understanding how I had been misusing my energy and figuring out the kind of work and creative life I wanted moving forward. I was sure that there was a better way, and that I deserved to spend my time and energy doing something that was energizing for me. I created Pure Generators to share this process with others and unite other Generators and Manifesting Generators who are also cultivating deeper satisfaction in their work lives.

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